Pepsi and Lee Brice help a small town get Hyped for Halftime (video)

Lee Brice Pepsi commercial

This is so much fun.

Earlier this month, the small Nebraska town of Milligan, population 275, got the surprise of a lifetime when a bunch of Pepsi trucks, Pepsi employees, and none other than Lee Brice descended on their small farming community to give them the party of a lifetime and to help them get “Hyped for Halftime." 

Pepsi delivered vending machines dispensing free soda and then set up an outdoor stage where Lee Brice performed that night. The evening was topped off with a huge fireworks display. 


More than 5,000 people from around the area filled the streets to celebrate with Milligan and Pepsi and to get “Hyped for Halftime” and the upcoming Super Bowl. 

Check out the video that was shot that evening. Looks like so much fun.