New NashvilleGab series: #FeaturedFriday

Featured Friday

Hey guys. The music business is a tough nut to crack and everyone seems to know of at least one singer or band that's either new to the music scene or been around forever that really, really needs and deserves the chance for people to hear their stuff. 

Well NashvilleGab wants to help. 

Each week on Friday, NashvilleGab will choose one unknown (or at least not widely known) artist or band for our new series called Featured Friday, or #FeaturedFriday to be more social media savvy. 

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But here's the thing, I need your help. If you know of an artist or band that you feel should get some recognition, whether they've just landed their first record deal or they're just awesome and need to have people check them out, shoot me an email at or click the picture below and tell me a little bit more about them and maybe we can help make some deserving person a star. 

All I ask in return is if your submission is picked, you help spread the word that they're featured on NashvilleGab's #FeaturedFriday so we can all take part in spreading the word about a new talent. 

Submissions are open to anyone, whether you're just a fan, their manager, record label, whoever, you can take part. And yes, you can submit yourself or your band if you'd like.  

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