Neal McCoy wishes we’d all quit being so mean to Trace Adkins

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I've heard from various fans that they think all us media folk are being mean and unfair to Trace Adkins after he recently entered rehab. I'm not exactly sure why they feel that, but anytime a celebrity comes under media scrutiny there are always the fans who react like mama bears. It's just the way it is. 

Honestly, though, I can't think of a single story I've read where anybody has been anything but respectful to Trace. I'm not talking TMZ, they're never kind unless you're a Victoria Secret model in a bikini, but from everyone else I haven't heard name-calling or anyone making fun of Trace for entering rehab or anything else that might be deemed cruel. I just haven't read anything. Yeah, okay, TMZ released the pictures of Trace and his cruise ship argument recently, but I'm sure we all knew they would. But even those pictures were nothing bad, they were just pictures of an incident that people are interested in. 

Here's the thing, though. It's sort of the celebrities and Trace's friends at this point who are keeping us talking about this story. Once the pictures came out on Monday, I think most people were ready to move on. In fact, I think most people were ready to move on from the story once they heard that there wasn't an actual knock down, drag out fight like it was portrayed at first and instead it was just Trace getting in a guy's face. People had a little fun with the whole Trace fighting with his impersonator side of things, but after the first day and once the truth started trickling out, I think most people were ready to move on to the next story. 

Unfortunately, now the celebrities who were on the ship with Trace are doing interviews and continuing the conversation, while asking us to let Trace and his family have some privacy. Seriously, famous people, if you want people to leave Trace alone then quit talking about him. 

Up until now it's been Love & Theft's Stephen Barker Liles defending Trace in interviews. Just Google and you'll see his name all over the place. Now comes Neal McCoy asking fans to have respect for Trace and his family.

From Facebook

After hearing and reading about some of the opinions of what happened recently on the Trace Adkins Country Cruise, I just wanted to weigh in. I was one of the artist in the All Star line-up to entertain all the Cruise guest last week, made up entirely of Country music fans from the US and other countries.

Not actually witnessing the so-called confrontation, blown way out of proportion by some of the media, between Trace and the Trace impersonator, I won't say much about that. 

I will however say that folks oughta have a little more sympathy for Trace and Rhonda and the kids as they are going through a pretty tough time in their lives right now. Obviously Trace is trying to do the right thing by facing this thing head on and getting some help. I have always thought of Trace as a no nonsense kind of guy with a Huge Heart!!! If you know him, you love him. 

While I can respect the sentiment, I'm still not 100% sure who all the mean people are he's referring to. Facebook? Twitter? Who knows? Okay, I'm actually pretty sure he's mainly talking about the recent TMZ story about people being pissed that Trace left the cruise and that they didn't get up close and personal with him after paying all that money for the vacation. But it's TMZ. Come on, most of their worker bees probably don't have a clue who Trace is other than he was on Celebrity Apprentice, so screw them, who cares what they think? They're digging for angry fans and finding them. I could go on Facebook and look for people who believe they had babies with aliens. It takes all kinds to make this world go round. But real fans with any amount of sense aren't being disrespectful.   

Now to the people whining about their vacation … STFU. You were on a cruise with loads of other stars. Boo hoo hoo. Don't mind me if I don't have much sympathy for your cruise not turning out as you expected as I stare at the snow out my window. Crap happens. If Trace had, God forbid, had a heart attack and had to be airlifted off the ship would you still be whining? I hope you said no. 

All that aside, if personal friends of Trace would like people to stop talking about this story then friggin' stop talking about it. I think most sane and sympathetic people understand that Trace and his family are going through a tough time right now. Unfortunately, the internet is full of trolls who are going to gripe and be buttholes, the best thing to do is to not look directly at them and refrain from feeding them. It's a rule I've learned the hard way over the years. 

Now that I've said my peace, I love you Mr. McCoy! Can't wait to see you in concert when you're in Boise with Blake. 


You can read the rest of Neal's long Facebook post here.


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