Natalie Maines is getting back at Toby Keith in her own special way

In case you're not aware, Toby Keith and Natalie Maines (of Dixie Chicks fame) aren't the best of friends.  

While the war between the pair may have long ago ended, apparently Natalie has her own special way of sticking it to the man (in this case, Toby Keith). 

This picture from last June made me smile. Although Natalie makes no mention of how she came to posses the Toby Keith seasoning, I'm kind of enjoying the thought of the singer putting on a wig, slipping on a pair of huge sunglasses and black trench coat and making her way to the nearest Toby Keiths I Love This Bar and Grill where she engages in a little covert seasoning theft. 

If you need a good chuckle, check out Natalie's photos on her Twitter account. She has some pretty funny stuff there. 

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Natalie's solo album, "Mother," is currently in stores now

Update: Before anyone gives me grief over digging up old news, I just thought this was funny.