Nashville, Season 2, Episode 12 – RECAP


The drama continues as Juliette tries to overcome the fact that thousands of fans are burning her albums. However, many venues are pulling out of her tour, for threat or for political reasons. Juliette is furious, but becomes increasingly deflated as the episode goes on, and considers that she might lose her entire career. Avery steps in to save the day (after she’s downed a bottle of vodka and passed out), and decides to remind her what she loved about her life in the first place, but dressing her up in disguise and taking her down to the street to perform as someone else. A crowd gathers, and she loves it, but Juliette still decides to go home and mull over everything instead of spend further time with THE GUY WHO IS DOING EVERYTHING FOR HER. Jeez, this girl needs glasses. Meanwhile Jeff turns up at Juliette’s house to have a go at her and threaten her, right up in her face! He demands that she apologizes to the public, even though she doesn’t want to lie. She finally goes to church and makes some peace, and then arrives at Avery’s house to write a song, having “made her decision”. 

Deacon has been offered a contract with Bellecourt Records, but is shocked at how poor the deal is for the artists these days, and tells the guy he’s going to look around at other offers. Rayna has realized she’ll need to write for him in order to have a single for her album, so she approaches him and asks, and like a sucker he falls back in, explaining to Megan that he’ll get better contract offers if he has a hit single on Rayna’s album, something to bring to the table. They write together (pizza in tow), and not only is the song awesome (naturally), but they obviously reconnect and all those feelings come rushing back (cue awkward moment when Megan returns home for something). Meanwhile, Luke is trying to push Rayna to go public as a couple, but she constantly refuses, not wanting to have to deal with the press, and of course still hung up on Deacon, but towards the end caves a little, telling Luke they should meet each other’s kids, and telling Deacon they should keep their distance. He also decides to just go for it and sign with Bellecourt.

Scarlett gets to perform with Zac Brown Band at their Southern Ground festival, but she is being overwhelmed with the amount of press she is having to do, and is beginning to flake out. She also really doesn’t want to go to Gunnar’s #1 party, facing the awkwardness with him, but Bucky tells her she must. Finding out that Deacon and Rayna have written together again, coupled with discovering that Gunnar doesn’t feel anything for her anymore results in a bathroom meltdown and insulting Rayna before storming out. The next day, after some sleep, she apologizes to her boss, who is very good about it, and they have a heart to heart about how this career is worth all of the hard work.

Gunnar is set to have a #1 song party for ‘Ball & Chain’, and just happens to bump into Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts, who wants to co-write with him! If only it were that easy! However, he hasn’t hung out with Zoey in forever, and she’s beginning to be upset by it, as he keeps cancelling on her. When he goes to pick her up for the party she tells him how she feels, and he throws it back in her face, maybe only slightly comparing her to Scarlett (WRONG MOVE KID). She storms off to spend time with her friends instead, and Gunnar only goes to see her after Jay has reminded him that love comes first, not the career. Lord Gunnar, it only takes a superstar to get you to stop being an ass.

Teddy finds out that the man who killed Peggy has a family who is claiming his innocence. They have hired a lawyer, who happens to be Megan, and when Teddy storms in to confront her she defends her actions by explaining that she’s been the woman who has to move on with her life without her husband, and wants to find out what really happened to the murderer, because she doesn’t believe he committed suicide. He hears that he worked for Hollander Enterprises, which was an off-the-books contingent of Wyatt Industries, and Teddy accuses one of Lamar’s right hand men of plotting to kill Peggy.

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