‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 10 – RECAP


It’s been several weeks since Nashville last appeared on our screens, so I’m thinking we need a recap now more than ever, right?

As the episode opens Juliette is confronted with the news of hers and Charlie Wentworth’s affair being leaked to the tabloids. This puts a severe downer on her headlining the Music City Festival, and she is ushered in back ways in order to escape the aggressive press. She’s seething and tasks Glenn with finding the person who tipped off the tabloids, although she’s convinced that it was Layla (which of course it was). Jeff warns Juliette about handling this carefully, but when Layla gets smug with him he also suspects her and threatens to drop her if he finds out it was her. As Juliette goes on stage to perform there are people in the crowd with a huge sign saying “homewrecker”, which knocks her off balance, only to be saved by Avery who reinstalls her confidence. Juliette goes to the press and tells them no comment, then runs to Avery to tell him she loves him, only to find that he is with Scarlett, and she flees. 

Rayna and Luke have the release of their duet single together to be dealing with and the prospect of a national radio tour. Luke lets slip that Jeff is planning to release Rayna’s album and she is of course furious, confronting him. She decides to try to push for buying herself out of Edge Hill again, and Tandy offers to buy herself into the business for $3 million. Rayna considers investing her house but Tandy aggressively warns against gambling everything, throwing doubts into her sister’s mind about the risks involved. Jeff hands Rayna some market research which explains why he’s picked certain songs and not others to go on the new album, but she refuses to read it. She decides to risk everything she has because “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Luke seems to disagree with Rayna’s move, and the relationship is starting to show some cracks.

Scarlett moves out of Zoey’s apartment and back in with Deacon, despite the fact that Zoey makes her best efforts to pull her round. Scarlett refuses to budge however, feeling that Zoey and Gunnar getting together and not telling her is the ultimate betrayal. She ends their friendship, which badly affects Zoey, who doesn’t want to deal with Gunnar because of it, but ultimately she selfishly returns to him. Scarlett, meanwhile, relies on Avery for the only person she can trust, but he shows guilt from his burgeoning feelings for Juliette. Will is still totally in love with Brent, and they engage in a lot of sexy eye contact, all the while with Will continuing to try to distract himself with Layla. They eventually sleep together, leaving Will wracked with guilt and emotion, and we see him standing on a railway track, ready to be run down by an oncoming train.

Deacon finds out that he’s been cut from the Music City Festival, and Gunnar discovers the great spot that Jeff got him is a tiny stage out by the public toilets in the morning. The pair decide to only break the law a little and set up a stage on a parking lot that Deacon’s friend owns right by the festival. Deacon opens for Gunnar, but the performance is not devoid of Teddy coming in to make a fuss. Even still, it goes off without a hitch, and Maddie and Rayna make it down to watch, eschewing Peggy’s stepmom invasion. Speaking of which, the episode ends on a man trying to pull a gun on Teddy, who fights off the shot, which unfortunately hits Peggy….

Phew! Can the new episode, due tonight at 10/9c on ABC, even top that?!

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