Miranda Lambert to perform at the Grammy Awards and she won’t be performing alone

Well here's a bit of news my daughter is excited for. 

Miranda Lambert is apparently set to perform at Sunday's Grammy Awards. This is news to me and if it was previously announced I seem to have missed it. 

Well it turns out that Miranda won't be performing alone. CBS posted the above photo to Instagram along with a caption saying: Miranda Lambert & Billie Joe Armstrong rehearsing for their #GRAMMY performance! Like if UR excited to see them perform!

For the uninformed or those who don't have teenage girls like I have, Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead singer for Green Day

Now I don't know if Green Day is any good or not, but my daughter was certainly beside herself when I told her these two would be performing together. 

Have to admit that I'm kind of interested to hear what they have planned myself. 

The Grammy Awards will air this Sunday on CBS.  

Update: Someone on Twitter reminded me that Miranda will be performing as part of the Carole King tribute taking place on Friday. I've looked and Billie Joe Armstrong hasn't been announced as a performer on that and Miranda hasn't been announced as a performer at the Grammy's so someone somewhere is going to be a surprise performer. Since CBS tagged this as their #Grammy performance rehearsal, I assume it's the actual Grammys they're talking about and not the Carole King thing, but I'm honestly not sure. 


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