Martina McBride changes album release date


Back in December, Martina McBride announced that she had formed her own label and would be releasing a new album in March. Unfortunately, things happen and now Martina has had to tweak the release date for Everlasting.

From Facebook

I'm so anxious for each and every one of you to hear my new album as soon as possible but we need to change our release date because of some great performing opportunities and other media requests that have come about. So the new release date is April 8.

I know it's hard to wait (It's killing me to wait!), but this is really the best thing for the album.
The good news is we will be releasing more tracks in the next couple of months…one is coming very soon…so you will get a really great sneak peak of the album before the release date. 
Thanks so much for understanding and remember APRIL 8, 2014 for Everlasting!!!

Fans will get the chance to see Martina next when she takes the stage at this Sunday's Grammy Awards as a presenter.