Lucy Hale reveals her celebrity crush … says she wouldn’t date Zac Efron

Lucy HalePhoto: USA Today

Lucy Hale is making quite the name for herself in country music. Recently the singer-turned-actress-turned-back-to-country-singer had the chance to chat with Country 92.5's Broadway and the conversation turned to dating. 

"I mean if I was dating someone I wouldn't talk about it, but no, I'm single," she said when asked if dating questions were off limits. 

Then Broadway asked about any dating deal breakers she might have and brought up the fact that Zac Efron recently said he wouldn't date anyone who made him sit through the movie 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants'

Looks like that might be a deal breaker for Lucy considering she starred in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

"Rude! Well anyone who would say that is off my list … burn," she joked. 

Lucy went on to tell what piece of advice Jana Kramer gave her, her future on 'Pretty Little Liars', and what country singer she had a crush on growing up. Take a listen to the full interview below. 

Lucy's debut album is due out sometime this spring, but no official release date has been given yet. For now you can check out her debut single You Sound Good To Me here.

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