Kip Moore reveals story behind ‘Young Love’

Kip Moore just released the new video for his current single, Young Love, this week, and now we know the story behind the song. 

According to a new interview, the song comes from personal experience when he was a teenager in Georgia. He says that he'd go to Panama City Beach, Florida for summer vacation and ended up one year falling for a girl.

He says, "[I] went back home and ended up sneaking out in my car and driving all the way back four hours [to Panama City Beach] to go hang out with this girl for the weekend. Told my folks I was going to a buddy's house."

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He says now he can't help but think back of that  time fondly. "When you're 16, there's such a reckless abandonment," Kip explains. "You'll do whatever to hang out with that person. You don't think about the consequences. I feel like, as you get a little crusty when you get older, and you get jaded, you lose a little bit of that fire."

So do you suppose that girl has any idea now who Kip grew up to be? Do any of you have stories about growing up or dating celebrities before they were famous?  

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