Kip Moore gives OK! magazine the exclusive first look at his video for ‘Young Love’

Really, Kip Moore? Really? And here I thought we were friends.

Kip Moore has shared an exclusive clip for his upcoming video for Young Love with OK! magazine. 

Not sure why he would share the clip with OK! and not, say, the dozens of country blogs who have worked their fingers to the bones day in and day out to make him a household name, but whatever.

No, I'm not bitter. Why do you ask? 

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Okay, I actually don't care that he shared the clip exclusively with OK! because I can totally passive aggressively and exclusively swipe said clip and bring it to you here.

Thanks TouTube. 

In other Kip Moore news, according to MJ's Big Blog, Kip's going to be hitting the road with Tim McGraw this summer, which is definitely cool for Kip. Right now he's on the road with Lady Antebellum. 

The full video for Young Love will hit the web Tuesday.