Keith Urban band member has close call with a bullet

Brian NutterPhoto: Facebook

Yesterday I received an email from a reader who was a little irritated with one of Keith Urban's band members, Brian Nutter, after a strange Facebook request. 

Seems Brian, whose Facebook page says is "currently on the road providing guitars/banjo/mandolin and vocals for Keith Urban’s touring band,"  is getting married and he and his future bride apparently took to Facebook to request donations via PayPal for their dream home. The tipster says about the request: 

brian nutter and new fiancé blake gray are asking for facebook fans to donate to their dream home.  they want acreage for brian to ride motorcycles and a dream home with pastures and barns for blakes horse.  they want a recording studio and they have the nerve to ask their facebook fans to donate via paypal.   this is so tacky.   check it out before the take it off their facebook pages.
By the time I went over to check it out, the request had been removed and Blake, Brian's fiance, had replaced it with a status update about mean comments and whatnot. 
While I can certainly see why some people would find the request tacky, I've seen some crazy requests by brides and grooms in the past so nothing really shocks me anymore in the wedding department. 
There was something else on Blake's Facebook, however, that was pretty interesting to me. Seems the newly-engaged couple had a close call with a bullet on New Year's Eve. 
Blake Gray bullet
So… How was everyone's New Year?! Mine & Brian Nutter's was eventful… Had a bullet come through my living room window a few feet from our heads. Called the cops, yada yada. Needless to say, today we are moving.
Wow, crazy! Glad everyone was okay.
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