Keith Urban band member has close call with a bullet

Brian NutterPhoto: Facebook

Yesterday I received an email from a reader who was a little irritated with one of Keith Urban's band members, Brian Nutter, after a strange Facebook request. 

Seems Brian, whose Facebook page says is "currently on the road providing guitars/banjo/mandolin and vocals for Keith Urban’s touring band,"  is getting married and he and his future bride apparently took to Facebook to request donations via PayPal for their dream home. The tipster says about the request: 

brian nutter and new fiancé blake gray are asking for facebook fans to donate to their dream home.  they want acreage for brian to ride motorcycles and a dream home with pastures and barns for blakes horse.  they want a recording studio and they have the nerve to ask their facebook fans to donate via paypal.   this is so tacky.   check it out before the take it off their facebook pages.
By the time I went over to check it out, the request had been removed and Blake, Brian's fiance, had replaced it with a status update about mean comments and whatnot. 
While I can certainly see why some people would find the request tacky, I've seen some crazy requests by brides and grooms in the past so nothing really shocks me anymore in the wedding department. 
There was something else on Blake's Facebook, however, that was pretty interesting to me. Seems the newly-engaged couple had a close call with a bullet on New Year's Eve. 
Blake Gray bullet
So… How was everyone's New Year?! Mine & Brian Nutter's was eventful… Had a bullet come through my living room window a few feet from our heads. Called the cops, yada yada. Needless to say, today we are moving.
Wow, crazy! Glad everyone was okay.

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    E. Ford

    I feel that the annoying factor is that for someone we have loved and watched him grow as a artist with KU band. That this was asking too much from us. We were so happy that he found “True Love” and was getting married. Then this crazy FB posting came. Why would we want to donate money for their Farm Home when we can barely afford our own rentals? I can’t imagine the thought process it took for such an outlandish request from 2 very well fanancially set artist.We fans spend our money on concerts, t-shirts, transportation and then it’s taking from Paul to pay Peter lifestyle ! We do this out of love for the artist. I just really felt imposed on !


    Well, here is the blog where they talk about their “idea”. I was really excited for Brian when he seemed to have found his “true love”. Now I’m just wondering what the heck he was thinking! And her! This was one of the tackiest things I have ever seen done! As Elaine stated, we spend our hard-earned money buying tickets, staying in hotels, etc to go enjoy these singers, and then they turn around and ask for more? Just incredible! Whether we are on a fixed income or have money coming out the wazoo, it is not up to fans to help build dream houses, stables, racetracks, etc! These two need to get a grip on reality – like maybe contacting a mortgage company like the rest of us do! JMO


    Yes a bit tacky. So, don’t donate. I know I won’t.


    It’s one thing to ask your “invited” guests to donate money in lieu of a gift. I can go for that. AND that should be put inside the wedding invitation. But to go to your fans via facebook, especially since there was no public invitation to the wedding, I felt was very tacky and took some nerve if you ask me. And then to say maybe one lucky winner can get a tour of the house. Please! Like Max said, contact a mortgage company like the rest of us. They should be embarrassed, but no one seems to be these days by bad behavior.


    After posting their facebook post, they took it down as many others thought it was tacky. Then Blake had the nerve to post this:
    Lots of people have asked Brian Nutter , my mom, Brian’s mom, & myself about where we’re registered. It’s very thoughtful that y’all wanna be a part of our special time & I wish I could invite EVERY single one of u to our wedding. Some people are boogers & have only mean things to say, which everyone knows. So anyone that’s interested in where we’re registered or anything like that, just private message me. I can’t post it on my page to share it bc I can’t stand sh***y comments. If u have something rude to say… U don’t have to be my friend. We are finalizing our registry tonight & the sweet family/friends/fans that wanna be a part of our lives, are ALWAYS welcome. Anyone who didn’t give a poo about our registry, sry for the long post. (We were merely trying to think of ways to include everyone that had inquired about it). Carry on. Ha!”
    So la de da de da! So if you don’t donate to me, you can’t be my friend any more. Boo hoo hoo. Do donate or stfu and leave me alone. My heart bleeds. NOT! They have so lost a lot of fans over this. But many were just fans because of Keith. Doesn’t get any better than Keith. Now there’s a humble man. Brian could learn more from Keith in that department!

    Irritated former fan

    Sandy Carpenter Nutter
    2 hours ago via mobileI have finally read the original post regarding Brian and Blakes registry. People, they were NOT asking ANYONE to buy/build them a new home. They were merely allow friends, family and friends to gift them if they so wished. Both Brian and Blake have had their own homes for several years ~ they have no use for 15 more toasters, 20 more sheet sets or 144 more towels. This was no different than registering at Macys or any other store. If you don’t agree or don’t want to participate ~then don’t. BUT……DO NOT try to paint them as poor musicians sitting on a Nashville sidewalk with their guitar cases open for donations.
    As you were ~
    Now they are putting it on the mom to do damage control.. They point blank asked for people to get them a house when their own ( former) fans are struggling. Like the other poster said ” you ask the invited guests” they figured between them both if they could get at least 1/2 of the fans to donate they would be set. Also the bullet thing came right before this buy us a house posting. Very convenient.
    The mother could not have read the original post or she’s in denial.


    Just so everyone knows… I am Brian’s fiancé & we weren’t asking for money. People had inquired about our registry to our parents, friends, etc & we were just trying to share the way we chose to register publicly for those people. Obviously didn’t mean to offend anyone. And yes, the bullet was pretty scary. Either way, the registry was my idea, not Brian’s. So I hate that anyone would take it out on him. Again, that is just our registry… Like when people register at bed bath & beyond.


    Blake, you WERE asking for money. Don’t kid yourself. I see you have taken your blog down now too. Yes, we know what a registry is. It is for INVITED GUESTS. What part don’t you get about that? INVITED, INVITED, INVITED. That’s the key word.


    I haven’t taken the blog down. We made it private. Like it originally should’ve been. Very sorry if anyone felt offended. My most sincere apologies.
    Hope everyone had a nice holiday.


    Brian has gone way to far, he’s cut all of his friends out of his life, his family and old band mates, he truly thinks he is Keith, he’s just one of thousands of guitarists here in Nashville that got a break, except he’s lost his way and forgot where he’s from and how to treat people, here on tour we know he’s a diva but my god, know your role, your a back up guitarist in a country band,


      I’ve never heard of Brian, and kinda stumbled across this page. And I’m sorry, but life gets different when you get well know. And you won’t have time for all your old friends. Your world becomes bigger, and more friends come knocking. And they may be more fun and famous than you are. That’s just the way it is.
      I am very down to earth, and was everybody’s friend. When I joined a touring band, my popularity soared. You are on the road 2-4 weeks of the month, and every weekend. You hardly have time for the new friends, let alone the old, not so close ones. And the new ones are a lot more active, socially, and are often doing interesting things. It’s human nature – and human nature to see this as selling out.
      I guess this page is old, and maybe dead. I never saw the original FB post, but it is tacky to ask fans for a new house. But they were probably asking for money to be used for the house, instead of gifts. And no, the registry is not just for invited guests. It’s for anyone who wants to give. I doubt if they were expecting fans to pay for the whole house. Maybe they should have said it like ‘in lieu of toasters, please contribute to our ‘hew house’ fund. There may be a lot of people who would want to donate $25 to the cause, and feel a part of the process.

    Irritated former fan

    Brian does not remember where he came from . I don’t know who to be more embarrassed for him or the people that comment like love sick fans. I’d be humiliated to write anything close to what these people write on a daily basis on their pages. And do people not notice Brian never responds to them? There’s a reason . He could care less. Get a life people!!!!

    Still a HUGE fan!!

    Brian nor Blake have one thing to be ashamed of. You people need to get a life!! People CONSTANTLY commented on their pages requesting registry info & they were just trying to share it with all of us!! I, personally, was one of the fans that asked. What is everyone’s problem??! The fact that y’all are even commenting on this in an angry manner says that y’all need to get a life!! YOUR OWN life!! If you’re not supportive of them, then shut the heck up!!! Nuff said!! Easy as that!! They’ve done NOTHING to hurt you!! And the common misconception that Brian is ‘rich’ because he works for a rich guy is so stupid. He’s a paid musician like everyone else In that town. No special treatment. The fact that y’all don’t know that makes you even dumber!! If any of you had actually met them, you’d know they are THE sweetest artists ever!! They take time to come out and say hi to us at shows and Blake has answered EVERY email or comment of mine on Facebook. These are AMAZING people and y’all are all petty and bored to attack them!! Find something better to do!! I’m embarrassed that any of you ever call yourself true fans of anyone!! Get. A. Life.


    I was just wondering if Brien’s new wife knows that song DONT SING

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