Kacey Musgraves heading out on tour with Katy Perry

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What!?! No way!

This is all kind of awesome! 

Katy Perry took to Twitter this morning to give details of her upcoming Prismatic World Tour 2014, and you'll never guess who she's bringing along …

Katy later tweeted that all three are heading out on tour with her.

Yep, that's right, Kacey Musgraves is heading out on tour with Katy Perry. Wow! 

In case you're wondering how this may have come about, Kacey joined Katy back in October when Katy took over the Hollywood Bowl for her We Can Survive concert, benefiting the Young Survival Coalition. Katy must have liked what she saw.

Pretty damn cool for Kacey. 

Katy's tour begins in June, but Kacey won't join her until August 10th in Grand Rapids. You can check out all of Katy's Prismatic World Tour 2014 details here


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