Jon Pardi is happy he was included in video bashing country music

Just in case you're wondering, Jon Pardi is proud to be part of the "sucky" country of 2013. 

Back a couple of weeks ago, the sad (but pretty accurate) video above made the rounds that showed what country music in 2013 was mostly made of. 

Just in case you haven't seen the video, it wasn't a pretty picture it painted.

While you might think most singers and songwriters would be disappointed to show up in a video that's labeled "why country music was awful in 2013," Jon Pardi is actually honored by the inclusion.   

When Jon spoke with Broadway recently, his response to being included in the video was "hater's gonna hate" and said that all he can do is pay attention to the fans. 

Take a listen below to the full interview. Also listen carefully for the part where Jon talks about his mama being a bra thrower. It's pretty funny. He's kidding about the bra throwing bit, but it's still pretty funny). 

Jon Pardi's new album "Write You a Song" is in stores now.