Jo Dee Messina’s new album has a release date.



Jo Dee announced that her self titled fan titled album, Me, is slated for release March 18th, 2014. This is especially exciting for her fans since they funded it. Yup, you read that correctly. The fans put their hard earned dollar bills together thanks to the Kickstarter program and helped raise over the $100,000 needed for Jo Dee to finally have musical freedom.

It's no secret Curb Records was said to be hindering Jo Dee's career. So for her and her situation it really was for the best she told them her 'give a damn was busted' and that it was time from them to go their separate ways and say 'bye bye' to one another.

After her ties to Curb Records were cut, Jo Dee took matters into her own hands and went to Kickstarter for assistance. There was plenty of backlash on how she chose to go about the funding for the new project, but you can't argue with the fact her fans really have her back. They want to hear things done Jo Dee's way and she assures them…the best is yet to come.


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