Jennifer Nettles shows us just how loyal country fans are


If you've ever had any doubt about just how loyal country music fans are, look no further than Jennifer Nettles. 

Her new solo album, That Girl, was released last week on the 14th and quickly went to #1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart. That may not surprise some fans, but here's the thing … it's not a country album. She's said it herself, she's doing her own thing and wants to leave Sugarland behind while she gets this out of her system. 

The only explanation for her going #1 on the country charts with an album that isn't country is that country fans are just a damn loyal bunch. And that's pretty much awesome. 

That Girl also debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200 chart, which is all genres, and sold 54,000 copies its first week.

Have you bought your copy yet? What do you think of the album? 

Update: On a side note, I realize the album has been labeled country or it couldn't have gone #1 on the country charts, I'm just honestly surprised that country fans embraced the album so thoroughly considering that it's really not country, but I think it's great and really does show how loyal country fans are.

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    Gena Miller

    It is different than Sugarland but it is definitely her and her love of different kinds of music that MAKE this album! Her fans respect and love her for her, she could sing the phone book and we would buy it. She is real and has such a big heart.

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