Jason Aldean reveals dates Miranda Lambert will join him on tour

Burn it down tour

Yesterday, Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert had a little fun revealing the dates that Miranda will be joining Jason's upcoming Burn It Down Tour, and it involved wiffle ball. 

It started out with Jason announcing that him and the boys needed an extra player for their wiffle ball games. Miranda Lambert tweeted that she was a little rusty but was definitely in. Then Jason said she could stick around and sing a few songs. Miranda agreed and Jason announced what Major League ball parks she'd be joining him at. 

It was cute and you can see the whole playful interaction here

After all that, it was revealed that Miranda will join Jason for his 2014 Burn It Down Tour in Cleveland – 7/18/14, Cincinnati – 7/19/14, & Pittsburgh – 7/26/14. 

I don't know about you but I'd have a hard time deciding if I'd have more fun going to the concert or watching one of those wiffle ball games. 

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