Jason Aldean releases more clues to big announcement

Jason Aldean smiling

On Saturday, Jason Aldean released a couple of clues to Facebook and Twitter and said that he had a big announcement for fans coming on Thursday, January 9. 

Those clues were just the start, however, and sort of the most normal of the bunch.  

Now Jason's released the odd ones. 

The first two clues were a box of matches and a pirate flag. 

Clue 1 Clue 1

Clues 3-6? Yeah, kinda strange. 

Screech clue Screech clue
Screech clue Screech clue

So there are flames, Screech from Saved by the Bell, a bonfire on a beach, and some sliders. 

Screech? Burgers? Yeah, I think Jason's just trolling us now. Anyone care to venture a guess what it could all mean? 

My guess is Jason's opening a pirate-themed beach-side burger joint with Dustin Diamond (Screech).

What's your guess?  

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