In defense of Trace Adkins’ impersonator, Michael Larsen

Trace impersonatorTMZ/YouTube 

A lot has been written about Trace Adkins and the events that transpired last week on the country cruise that ended up with the singer heading to rehab

In fact, I had a lengthy post about what I had dug up about Michael Larsen, the guy who fancies himself a Trace Adkins impersonator and who Trace got into an argument with on board the ship. 

Life being what it is, Trace has far more fans than Michael Larsen and so more people have come out to defend Trace. Well turns out Larsen does have at least one vocal fan and she wrote me this morning. 

Here's what she had to say: 

I was on the 2012 Blake Shelton & Friends Cruise and met Mike Larsen the first night.  He and his lady were sitting at the table next to us in the dining room.  We kept looking at him, thinking he looked like Trace.  Finally, we met him and talked for quite a while.  He was very nice and polite, and we thoroughly enjoyed talking to him.  We coincidentally saw him several other times at dinner and chatted again.  Like everyone else on the cruise, he was all around the ship at the different shows and enjoying meeting other passengers.  Everyday, there was entertainment on the pool deck and Mike would be standing around just like everyone else.  I never saw him do anything inappropriate during the entire week.  He told us at one point that he has known Trace's family for several years and that he went to Trace's suite on the ship and visited with him.  (I might add that the headliner stars were always accompanied by security and their suites were inaccessible to other passengers.)  During Blake's show, he spotted Mike in the audience and had the spotlight put on him since he looked so much like Trace.  
I certainly don't know what happened on this cruise, but I feel like people who were not on either of these two country cruises and have never met Mike are making unfair judgments.
She makes several good points and I thank her for writing in. Anyone else out there have something you'd like to add to the discussion? Feel free to comment or email me at