Good Wednesday morning – now have a laugh on me (not country but funny)

Good morning Gabbers. Want to have a good laugh at other people's expense? Then check out this almost too cruel joke played on some New Yorkers. 

The animatronic "devil baby" was created as a viral advertising campaign for the movie "Devil's Due" that hits theaters Friday, January 17. 

The baby would be enough to scare the crap out of me, can't imagine sitting through the movie. Yikes. 

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What does Last Week Tonight host John Oliver have against Rascal Flatts?

Have you ever gone to some random place like, say, a bar or the grocery store or the gynecologist when you see some completely random person from your life like, say, your kid’s teacher or your pastor or your ex mother-in-law and it takes a minute or two for it to register with your brain who it is you’re seeing because they’re completely out of place compared to where you normally see them? Yeah, this joke is sort of like that.

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