Is a football player using Taylor Swift to dodge gay rumors?

Is a Taylor Swift rumor being used as a shield against a gay rumor? 


Taylor Swift can't be spotted smiling at a man, let alone breaking bread or out having fun with one, without the world announcing she's once again in love. It's such a common occurrence that it usually doesn't deserve a second look let alone a blog post about it. 

This new rumor, however, has some interesting timing. 

Last month, a website proudly announced that they had connected the dots and had proof that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was gay and in a relationship with his roommate/personal assistant. 

Yeah, skeezy. 

Rodgers quickly denied the rumor, but honestly, who cares if he is or not? It's his business and his life. 

Well jump ahead a month and guess who has been conveniently spotted with Taylor Swift now. 

Yep, Aaron Rodgers. 

According International Business Times, Taylor and Aaron were recently spotted bowling together with several of Taylor's friends. 

So did Aaron Rodgers and Taylor Swift really go bowling together? Who knows for sure and really who cares if they did? But you have to admit that the timing of the story definitely seems fishy. What better way to divert attention away from one unwanted gay rumor than by tying the football player to the one person in this whole wide celebrity world who you know will get the they're-in-love rumors going.

If Taylor and Aaron are friends then cool for them. However, if Taylor's just being used as a pawn in some sort of strange gay rumor diversion tactic thought up by someone from Aaron's camp  then not cool. So, so not cool.  

Update: E! News has a story on Taylor and Aaron bowling. The bowling trip was after the premiere of That Awkward Moment on Monday and their story definitely makes it sound more like the two being there together was more of a random thing than any sort of date at all. I'm probably just a very cynical person and making more of this story than what it should be. Fingers crossed it was all innocent fun and not some James Bond-esque PR maneuvering.