Fans get their first glimpse of a recovering Randy Travis

Randy travis healthyPicture taken 1/19/14 – courtesy Anthony Maurizio Twitter 

Well hello, Mr. Travis!

Last summer, Randy Travis had a series of medical emergencies that left him in a rehab facility fighting to recover. While he was hospitalized, fans got regular updates, but once he was released to rehab the updates stopped.

There were various National Enquirer stories about people fighting over Randy's millions, he released a new influences album, there was the holiday movie that aired this season that Travis had obviously filmed long before his health went downhill, and at one point Billy Ray Cyrus gave an update on Travis' health, but there really hasn't been much else in the way of official health updates. 

On Sunday, however, fans got their first glimpse of a skinny but surprisingly healthy looking Randy Travis courtesy of a family friend, Anthony.  

I am so happy to see these pictures. At least fans can rest assured that Randy is recovering and by the looks of it enjoying life. 

[Broadway/92.5/photo courtesy family friend Anthony Maurizio

UPDATE: A correction. I had reported earlier that Anthony was a family members of Randy's. He sent mea tweet to let me know that he's actually a family friend. Thank you Anthony for the great pictures.