Eric Church debuts surprising new single, “Give Me Back My Hometown”

Eric church The Outsiders

Well now this isn't what I was expecting from Eric Church. 

Eric debuted a new single today called Give Me Back My Hometown and thanks to my friends over at Country 92.5 (thanks Broadway), we have it for you to check out.

All I can say is wow. It was definitely not what I was expecting from Eric who seemed like he was trying to go in a more bad-ass, rebel-of-country-music sort of direction. Not exactly sure what I was expecting, but this definitely wasn't it. 

All that aside, this song makes me happy. Oh sure, he's singing about a love gone wrong, but the whole overall sound of the song makes me smile. Can't wait to start hearing it on the radio. 

Give Me Back My Hometown is the second single Eric's released from his upcoming album, "The Outsiders," which will hit stores February 11, 2014. 


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    Codie Prevost Music

    Eric Church rocks!!!
    I can’t wait for the new CD. Love his voice.
    “Give Me Back My Hometown” is such a good tune.
    Sounds like “Springsteen” a bit. Love it.


    Love it, good job Eric

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