Don’t worry, Eric Church is just as confused about his new video as you are

Eric church

Whew. I was beginning to think I was the only one confused by Eric Church's new video for Give Me Back My Hometown. Turns out, though, even Eric's not really sure what's going on.

Eric tells The Country Vibe, “I don’t understand it either.” 

Don't worry, though, there is apparently a method to the madness, you just have to wait for more videos to understand it all. 

“We’ve conceived and conceptualized what these videos are gonna be. There’s a storyline, so basically everybody you see in the ‘Give Me Back My Hometown’ video, all the characters, they each have a story line and they all relate to each other," Eric says. 

Oh good, so we only have to wait a year or two to maybe eventually get the whole story.

Curiosity killed the cat, now we'll see if it kills bloggers too. 

Eric's new album 'The Outsiders', is set to be released February 11th. Until then, you can check out the first piece in the puzzle below with Eric's Give Me Back My Hometown video.