Eli Young Band’s Mike Eli: My kid loves “Drunk Last Night”


The Eli Young Band's new album 10,000 Towns will be released in this March and the band's frontman, Mike Eli, says that this record is a little bit more on the up-tempo side than any record they've ever made before.

As for their current single, Drunk Last Night, Mike says it has an unlikely fan … his 18-month-old daughter.

When asked if he worried about his daughter, Kline Olivia, learning the lyrics to their current hit Drunk Last Night, Mike just chuckles and says, "My daughter loves Drunk Last Night. She's like, 'Daddy again, daddy again, daddy again,' and that means play Drunk Last Night."

He says he doesn't really feel guilty about little Kline requesting the song since it's, "The song on the way to rehab, so it's fine."

Check out Broadway's full interview with Mike below.