Dierks Bentley inadvertantly flips off ESPN during Orange Bowl performance

Dierks BentleyDierks Bentley during Orange Bowl half-time – photo via Deadspin

Dierks Bentley performed during Friday's Orange Bowl half-time show and had a bit of a malfunction. 

Thankfully it wasn't a wardrobe malfunction, but he did sort of flip off the ESPN cameras for an extended period of time while singing. 


Don't worry, though, Deirks wasn't actually having a rock star moment or a bad attitude, he just happened to be holding a guitar pick in his index finger and used the only one that was left free to do some pointing at his guitar. It is kind of funny if you take it out of context though. 

You can watch video of the moment below. You can also watch video of Dierks' performance here as well as Danielle Bradbery performing the National Anthem here



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  1. info@billarchermusic.com'
    Bill Archer

    As a musician and performer myself it’s obvious that Dierks isn’t flippin anyone off he is holding a guitar pick and pointing something I myself do on stage often.

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