Craig Campbell gets the TMZ treatment

Hey, look who landed on TMZ this morning, it's Craig Campbell. 

Luckily, though, Craig didn't do anything outrageous and ended up on the gossip site and purveyor of bad news because of a song he covered … Lorde's Royals

TMZ wrote

You've heard Lorde's hit "Royals" a thousand times on the radio … but we're pretty sure you've never heard it like this. 

"Royals" got the honky-tonk treatment Monday night at Winners Bar and Grill … a divey country music sports bar in Nashville.

Country singer Craig Campbell – the guy behind the 2010 country hit "Family Man" — took the stage for the weekly "Whiskey Jam" … strumming an acoustic version of the Grammy winning tune.

And it's actually pretty awesome.

Stetson's off to Craig.

The video they showed was less than a minute long so I headed over to YouTube and there are a bunch of different videos of Craig singing the song. Turns out it seems to be a staple of his and he performs it all the time. 

Congrats to Craig for catching the eye of TMZ without having to punch anyone or break any wedding vows.