Country music has a new dating queen

Right now, at this very second if you simply google "country music stars dating"(and I have, which I know doesn't say much for me LOL) the one name that keeps making an appearance might shock you. Well, I don't know if it's that, that will shock you or the fact that it isn't a certain somebody who normally is quite popular in the loooooove department. Now I know you might argue that she isn't really country anymore so that's why, but I personally think it's because she's been single over a year.(P.S. I'm talking about Taylor Swift in case you didn't know)

BUT you can't deny the fact that this girl's lovelife has been in the spotlight a lot also! Especially recently for being linked to that hunk of a man, Scott Eastwood…okay, ready to find out who is now taking that google result title?….find out AFTER THE JUMP!




Awe, she's a pretty young gal enjoying her life…good luck finding your prince charming woman!


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