Cole Swindell isn’t interested in Kate Upton

Cole-swindell Cole-swindell

Is Cole Swindell a liar, liar, pants on fire? 

Could be.

See, while many men would gladly give up their left … uhummm …. very precious part of their anatomy for a minute or two of tonsil hockey with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Kate Upton, Cole Swindell made a surprising choice when Broadway asked him if he'd rather make out with the model or score a perfect March Madness Bracket. 

Yes, he surprisingly chose the perfect bracket. 

Which can only mean one of a few things, Cole is:

  • Married and/or in a serious relationship and doesn't want to get into trouble when he gets home.
  • Really into brunettes. 
  • Really, really into basketball. 
  • A really, really, really good liar. 
  • Just a nice guy. 

While I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Cole's just a nice guy, I'm thinking maybe he's got that whole Warren Buffett Billion Dollar Challenge thing in his head. What do you think?

Check out the interview below.