Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley respond to lawsuit

Carrie Underwood and Brad PaisleyPhoto: YouTube

Nearly nine months after a copyright complaint was filed and two months after a judge ruled that the lawsuit could move forward, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley have responded to the suit brought against them over their #1 hit song Remind Me has obtained court papers the stars filed in response to the $10 million copyright infringement suit Amy Bowen (known professionally as Lizza Connor) filed last May.

Brad and Carrie, as expected, deny any wrong doing.

“Defendants (Paisley and Underwood) deny any wrongful conduct, omissions, infringement or any other activities alleged by Plaintiff in this District or elsewhere or that they are liable to the Plaintiff for any claims,” it’s said in the filing.

According to the suit, Bowen wrote a song back in 2008 and copyrighted it. Later during a songwriting workshop in Nashville, she performed the song for songwriters John Kelley Lovelace and Charles DuBois who later went on to write Remind Me with Brad Paisley 

According to Bowen's lawsuit, the songs were similar enough to make her file the claim. A judge later ruled that there were similarities and allowed the lawsuit to move forward

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It's songwriter DuBois, though, who seems to have the best defense in the case. According to a countersuit he has filed, Bowen signed a consent agreement at the time of the workshop, which "had a provision about submission of one’s songs – that basically gave up her rights to sue for trademark infringement." Now that she's filed a lawsuit over the song, DuBois has brought a countersuit for damages for the breach. 

Of course, that doesn't exactly sound like DuBois denies copying the song, just that Bowen had no right to sue if he did. 

Just makes you wonder how often this sort of thing happens that the original songwriter, or the person who thinks they are the original songwriter, doesn't file suit. Probably a lot more than we can imagine.