Billy Ray Cyrus recording duet with Dionne Warwick?

If you have been looking at pictures from Sunday night's Grammy Awards, you may have noticed that Billy Ray Cyrus had an interesting date with him at the show … Dionne Warwick

While some of you might be wondering what the heck Billy Ray was doing at the Grammys in the first place, others of you who aren't quite so cynical might be wondering why Billy Ray and Dionne would be at the awards show together. 

Turns out they seem to be friends and may be recording a duet together. 

On Sunday's Seriously Cyrus, the legendary singer joined Billy Ray for his Sunday Sessions episode. Billy Ray sang a song for her and Warwick even chimed in a bit. 

So what is all this leading to? Well apparently Billy Ray and Dionne have been working together. Billy Ray tweeted the news on Sunday: So thrilled to have Dionne Warwick join me in the studio. Wait until you hear her sing"Hope Is Just Ahead". Amazing and Powerful Comin Soon

Sounds like the song is for one of Billy Ray's projects and it should definitely be interesting. More info to come when I get it.