Ashley Monroe denies the Pistol Annies have broken up

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There's been a long-running rumor that Miranda Lambert's awesomer-than-awesome girl band, the Pistol Annies, have broken up. With a canceled tour and nothing new coming along for so long, it's understandable why the rumor persists.

Well NashvilleGab friend (and sometimes writer) Vickey, had the chance to interview Ashley Monroe for her own blog recently and asked Ashley about that pesky rumor. 

Vickye: So speaking of going on tour, during the summer the Pistol Annies cancelled their tour dates, said no time for rehearsals… there have been some rumors going round that the Pistol Annies broke up, and there’s been more speculation as to why that might be… Are you able to clear any of that up?

Ashley: Oh gosh, no I think we’ve told what happened, it’s funny how people just make up things, even after you tell what happened. It is what we said it was, we didn’t have time to rehearse for the tour, and we wanted to be our best. And it’s really as simple as that, but it’s entertaining to read all the different views. All the soap opera stories people can make up!

I understand you know, I’m glad people care! It’s a good sign when people care about your music and care about you, so. But no, nothing else to say about it!

Well I certainly hope the explanation is as easy as that because I'd love to see more music from the girls. If not, then at least we still get to enjoy good music from the trio individually. 

Be sure to check out the rest of Vickye's interview with Ashley over on For The Country Record.

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