Ashley Gearing definitely has some promise

Ashley Gearing FacebookFacebook/Matt Albiani 

Ashley Gearing is currently on a radio tour to promote her new single Boomerang. Well I liked the song when they played it on the radio this morning and wanted to hear it again so I went searching for it. And I searched and searched and searched. 

I had the worst time finding anything about Ashley, so this post actually started out as a gripe aimed towards record labels to say if you're going to send someone out on a radio tour, don't make it so dang hard to find info about them. But then I ended up coming across Ashley's Facebook and Twitter and website, so the griping I started out doing ended up being kinda stupid so I deleted it all and started over. 

What I did find out in my searching is that Ashley is currently signed to Curb Records. I also discovered that she "attended the Commandant's Marine Corps Ball in Bethesda, Md., on Nov. 12 as a celebrity guest," and that she had a single out when she was just 11 or years old. The song – Can You Hear Me When I Talk to You? - was released as a single on Lyric Street Records. 

I've looked but I can't find for sure if she's got a new album coming out or what, but you can hear her new single Boomerang below (or here if that doesn't work). 


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