ACM nominations are out and guess which fandom isn’t very happy…




The "CareBears"(Yup, that's really their name. You cannot make this stuff up) are putting their caring ways on hold as they come out in full force to express their disappointment that Carrie was once again shunned in the Entertainer Of The Year category. From someone who has seen her live on multiple occasions, you may as well slap me with the "CareBear" title and tell me who to complain to. Carrie is a dynamic performer who always gives that extra 5%. So yeah….I'll go ahead and say it: Carrie was robbed! LOL

Okay, but to give credit to those nominated it is steep competition. Especially considering it's fan voted and you know who wins a lot of fan voted awards right? You don't? Oh well….google it. But I'll give you a hint: the name rhymes with Sailor Gift.

Carrie is still nominated though so here's hoping she brings home an ACM this year!

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