2014 GRAMMY Spotlight: Taylor Swift


Photo: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Say what you want to say about Taylor Swift's genre, one thing you've got to respect is the fact she is associated with Nashville and has screamed from the roof tops her love for Music City. And that makes her the epitome of an ambassador for country music.

Let's face it, with 38 million twitter followers it's safe to say a large number of those people were not aware of the versatility of the genre and Taylor has done her part to be the gateway. For that, I applaud her. So, it's worth acknowledging she is the only country (or "country" for the haters) singer in the coveted album of the year category. So, let's take a closer look at the album heard round the world….RED. (Um like for instance…did you know it was mastered by Hank Williams (2)? You didn't? Yeah, well me neither! And if you did….isn't that legit?!

There are many other facts I could write down and bore you with or you could take the time to watch Radio.com's video that takes you inside the RED story and see why it's my personal pick for album of the year:


Wasn't that fun to watch? I thought so. Taylor is also nominated for 3 other categories AND performing at the prestigious event. So, it's safe to say above all else we can look forward to those fancy dance moves she has mastered and hopefully at least 1 of her trademark surprise faces. One can only hope so anyway! But whatever the outcome may be, I am proud of her. Guess the world now knows about my inner "swiftie"

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