‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 10 – RECAP


It’s been several weeks since Nashville last appeared on our screens, so I’m thinking we need a recap now more than ever, right?

As the episode opens Juliette is confronted with the news of hers and Charlie Wentworth’s affair being leaked to the tabloids. This puts a severe downer on her headlining the Music City Festival, and she is ushered in back ways in order to escape the aggressive press. She’s seething and tasks Glenn with finding the person who tipped off the tabloids, although she’s convinced that it was Layla (which of course it was). Jeff warns Juliette about handling this carefully, but when Layla gets smug with him he also suspects her and threatens to drop her if he finds out it was her. As Juliette goes on stage to perform there are people in the crowd with a huge sign saying “homewrecker”, which knocks her off balance, only to be saved by Avery who reinstalls her confidence. Juliette goes to the press and tells them no comment, then runs to Avery to tell him she loves him, only to find that he is with Scarlett, and she flees. 


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Tim McGraw, ‘Lookin’ For That Girl’ — Single Review

Tim McGraw - Lookin' For That Girl Album Cover art

Just when you thought it was safe to leave your house, Bro-Country grabs you by the throat and douses you with blue-jean babies and sugar crystals. Tim McGraw, who has released such stellar work as "Don't Take The Girl" and "Grown Men Don't Cry," is (again) the latest offender. Ahead of his forthcoming album, the hat-wearer has dropped his new single, "Lookin' For That Girl" — on the title alone, one might make rash judgements about its direction…and you're probably right.

Gone are the days of stories and organic melodies. Instead, we must face the music. Pop-country rarely has depth these days, and more devastatingly, if the Powers-That-Be have their way, it'll completely vanish from the mainstream.


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