10 Twangers who might just be worth your time


Guest post:

Anyone could pick Taylor Swift or Toby Keith out of a crowd, but who are some lesser-known country singers who are just as deserving of recognition? Here are 10 twangers worth your time.

1: Dustin Lynch

With everything from "Single of the Year" to "Breakthrough Video of the Year" under his belt, newcomer Dustin Lynch is a force to be reckoned with, especially now that he's begun touring with country legend Keith Urban. This 28-year-old Tennessee native is definitely a star to watch.

2: Natalie Stovall and the Drive

Natalie and her band have been around for years, never quite breaking into the mainstream but amassing a hugely loyal following all the same. If you're looking for great songs with experienced talent behind them, here are your new favorite artists.

3: Chase Rice

Mixing country, hip hop and rock-n-roll, Chase Rice is unlike anything else on the charts, making him an obscure yet exciting talent. Don't let the experimental style fool you, however: Chase is a diehard country fan who's been strumming a guitar longer than he could walk.

4: Hunter Hayes

You probably haven't heard of Hunter Hayes, but that's about to change. The 21-year-old heartthrob has all the makings of a great country star, including good looks, a strong voice and a growing fanbase equally mesmerized by his music and his hair.

5: Heather Linkenheimer

Folksy and unpretentious, Heather debuted on iTunes with a great toe-tapper called "A Whole Lot of Bud Never Made Me Wiser." The world is still waiting on her follow-up album, but talent like this does take time, so keep her on your radar and wait for the fireworks.

6: Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell has been called the next Sheryl Crow, though the Canadian singer humbly insists that isn't true. She's worth your attention, however, whether you believe the comparison or not, because her career is taking off like a rocket. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the next big thing.

7: Kip Moore

With songs like "Beer Money" and "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck," you may be tempted to write off Kip Moore as a country cliche. Do so at your own risk, however, because this soulful singer actually has quite a lot to say when you dive beyond his commercial success and really listen to his 2012 album. Appearances can be deceiving.

8: Striking Matches

A boy-girl duo out of Nashville, Striking Matches has enjoyed modest success due to their songs being used on television, but most people still wouldn't recognize them on the street. This means a greater chance for you to snag an autograph the next time you're strolling through Tennessee's capital!

9: Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves is one 24-year-old who isn't afraid of making waves. Just look at her album "Same Trailer Different Park" and the number of hard-hitting issues she covers in her work, including drugs, pregnancy and social justice. If you're looking for substance in your country music, Kacey is the girl to provide it.

10: Dallas Smith

You might recognize Dallas Smith from his stint as the frontrunner of the alt-rock band Default, but the singer has traded his electric guitar for an acoustic one, remaking himself as a country star. What do you think of his efforts?