Brandy Clark thinks the tides are turning for women


So many people think Brandy Clark's going to have a breakout year this year. While I'm hopeful she will, 2013 was tough for women in country music. If you've seen the mini-documentary I put together, you're familiar with what I'm talking about.

Brandy reveals in my new interview with her that while she's not too worried about radio play for her own music right now, she's pretty sure that women are getting ready to make a come back on the radio.  

Brandy also revealed an exciting bit of news. She's currently in New York writing music for a new Hee Haw musical that's getting ready to happen. 

How cool is that?

Here's my conversation with Brandy, followed by some of her tunes.

Here's the video for the lead single from Brandy's new release.


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