With a boy on the way, Zac Brown’s ready to have a little snip, snip now

Zac and kidsPhoto: People.com/Lara Rossign

So let's talk fertility for a moment, shall we?

Zac Brown and his wife are a pretty damn fertile couple. Bravo to them for their breeding success! But all fun things must eventually come to an end and with four daughters and a son on the way, Zac says he's officially done and thinks it's time to head to the doc for a bit of a snip snip. 

He tells The Country Vibe, “I’m done. I’m ready, I’ll go under the knife whenever the time will allow now.“ 

As for the son on the way, Zac says, “Getting the boy was a big blessing because I didn’t think it was going to happen. The odds were definitely against us and I wanted to know what that would be like to have a namesake and everything, but I try not to even talk about it until he’s here.“
The newest member of the Brown family is expected to arrive this May.