Willie Nelson cancels SeaWorld performance after public outcry


Blackfish strikes again!

So have you watched the incredible documentary Blackfish yet? If you haven't, what are you waiting for? 

While many documentaries will touch your feelers while you're watching them, Blackfish seems to have brought about an actual change in how people view killer whales in captivity, and that includes celebrities. 

Barenaked Ladies recently canceled a performance at SeaWorld due to their feelings after watching the documentary, and now Willie Nelson has done the same. 

Willie was scheduled to perform at one of SeaWorld's Bands, Brew & Bbq events in Florida early next year, but after a Change.org petition hit the web asking him to reconsider, Nelson ended up canceling the show. SeaWorld decided to put a bit of a spin on the situation by saying Willie canceled due to a scheduling conflict, but now Willie's come forward personally to say that's just not true.

Willie spoke with CNN yesterday and told the real reason for his decision to pull out of the show. 

I had a lot of calls from people asking me to cancel and I understand there's petitions going around with thousands of people's names on it so I had to cancel. And also I don't agree with the way they treat their animals so it wasn't that hard a deal for me to cancel. 

Willie's well known for his animal compassion and has been a strong supporter of stopping wild horse roundups and slaughter, but it seems his compassion also extends to animals of the sea-going variety … that or Willie just didn't want to deal with all the bleeding hearts who were likely flooding his Twitter and Facebook begging him to not perform at SeaWorld. At Willie's age, who has time to deal with all that headache?