The Lone Ranger … a movie review from a normal person

On Tuesday, "The Lone Ranger" starring Johnny Depp and the guy from "The Social Network" (Armie Hammer) came out on DVD. I hadn't really thought about seeing the movie, which just means I didn't really care if I watched it or not, but my son really wanted to see it so the family and I sat down and tuned in. 

Turns out I was actually happy that we did. 

I don't put much store in what professional critics think of the movies they review because I'm pretty simple in what it takes to entertain me and most professional critics aren't. I'd heard the bad reviews for "The Lone Ranger," but didn't really care and watched it with an open mind anyway. 

My take? Not bad. Okay, it wasn't awesome and probably not a movie I'd want to watch multiple times, but all in all not a bad way to spend 149 minutes with the family. 

Granted "The Lone Ranger" isn't "True Grit" or "Unforgiven," but did anyone expect it to be? It was entertaining enough in a cheesy, Disney western sort of way that my family had fun watching it. While the plot wasn't always overly original and occasionally went out in left field, there were enough entertaining moments to keep my family watching.

As my husband said, a hard core Lone Ranger fan who is looking to recreate his childhood love of the masked man will definitely be disappointed and probably hate the film, but someone who is just looking for an entertaining movie to kill a couple of weekend hours with a goofball bit of easy watching will more than likely enjoy Disney's take on Tonto and his masked cohort. I know I did.

As for my 13-year-old son, who is the age I would expect to be the movie's target audience, he loved it and has added it to his own collection of movies in his room. 


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    Dan O.

    I wanted to have a good time with this one, I really did, but it just never came together for me. Good review Shannon.

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