Shania Twain ready to extend Vegas residency for another year


Shania Twain is having too much fun to quit now. 

Shania began her Las Vegas residency a year ago this month, and was expected to have her last show in December of 2014. Now, however, she reveals that she's having so much fun that she's ready to keep the party going for a little while longer.

When asked if she'd be interested in renewing her contract, Shania told The Las Vegas Sun's Robin Leach, “I’d like to. I think I’m ready to do that. We’ve just passed our first anniversary here. It went by so quickly, and I’d be thrilled to carry on.”

I would love to be able to head to Vegas and see Shania's show at Caesars Palace. Maybe if she extended her stay another year or two I'd actually get to do that. 

Speaking of Shania, the superstar recently opened a new clubhouse for her Shania Kids Can in Las Vegas. You can read more about the charity and check out a full interview Shania did with Robin Leach about the charity here