Russell Crowe may or may not be stalking Taylor Swift

Russell Russell











Russell Crowe is basically known for two things: His movies and his bad attitude. 

Now, however, he might just be known as something else … a Swifty. 

On Thursday, Taylor Swift sent out a tweet celebrating having received a Golden Globe nomination for the song she wrote for the movie "One Chance." 

Shortly after that a tweet was sent out to Taylor in response. Nothing unusual about that except for the fact that it came from none other than notorious sour-puss, Russell Crowe. 


But what does it mean? Let's dissect. This is a celebrity tweet and since he's single (supposedly) and she's single (we think), he's 49 and she's, um, not, he's Australian and she's just finished up an Australian tour, that can only mean one thing … mad, passionate, freaky, monkey love. 

Or it could just be a nice gesture. 

Nahh, it's gotta be love. Just gotta be.