Ray Price heads home to Texas ranch for hospice care

Ray Price is expected to be taken home to his Texas ranch to be cared for in his remaining days by hospice care, surrounded by friends and family.

According to a report by KLTV in Tyler, Texas (via Taste of Country), Price's family will attempt to move him today from the hospital he's been at since the beginning of this month. 

Janie, his wife of 45 years, released the following statement: 

“With God’s blessing he has not had extreme pain. But it’s with great sadness that I announce to you today that my beloved husband has entered the final stages of his cancer that he has battled for 25 months. Anyone who knows Ray is aware that he has strong convictions and great faith in God. It’s his decision to leave the hospital and return home to spend his final days on his beloved ranch surrounded by the comfort of his home, family and friends.”

Price also released a statement of his own for fans: “I love my fans and have devoted my life to reaching out to them. I appreciate their support all these years and I hope I haven’t let them down. I am at peace. I love Jesus. I’m going to be just fine. Don’t worry about me. I’ll see you again one day.”

Price's son also took to Facebook to update fans: 

Dear friends,
My Dad Ray Price is still in East Texas Medical Center and they are trying to take him home. Hospice will be brought in if he can make it out of East Texas Medical Center. I will give more details as soon as possible. Hopefully I will get to see him at least more time.
Clifton Ray Price (son)

This latest news comes after Price's decision earlier this year not to undergo more surgeries for pancreatic cancer, which was said to be in remission at the time. While sad, I think it's a small victory that he gets to go home and spend time with his family. In the end, what more can any of us ask for? 

My heart goes out to the family. 


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  1. garyjones75457@gmail.com'
    Gary D. Jones Jr.

    I had the honor to travel with Ray for many years. He was a second grandfather to me and my sister. I will always appreciate and cherish the memories of traveling on the road, being on the ranch, and just hanging out with him. My dad played lead guitar for him for 15 years. We love you Ray. You mean the world to me. You taught me so much about life and the music industry. I am so honored to call you my friend. When someone ask me who my favorite singer is, I always say” Ray Price, because he is the only one who never strayed away from his roots of country.” I was able to know Ray on a personal level not as a singer but just a great and sweet country boy. It makes me sad to see one of my dearest friends have to leave. I lay down at night and just want to cry, but when i stop i realize it is all part of Gods plan. I know this is a hard time for us all, but as the Bible says, “Every man has an appointment to die.” “There is a time to morn, and a time to celebrate.” Let us not morn, but celebrate the life and accomplishments of the great and loving Ray Price. I will always love you my friend and will miss you, but i know i will see you again one day.

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