Ray Price has reportedly passed away

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Update: This first report on Sunday was caused by false information. On Monday afternoon, the news came that Ray had in fact passed away. 

After a week of sad updates and Ray Price, 87, heading home to spend his final days with friends and family, it appears that the legendary singer has passed away. 

Although no official announcement has been made, his son, Cliff, posted the news on the singer's official Facebook page. 

I have heard my Dad has passed and I believe it. I love you Dad and I will see you again someday.
Cliff Price

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. 

You can post your thoughts and condolences on Price's Facebook

I will update this post with further info once available. 

Update: Okay, here's the latest. USA Today is now reporting that Ray Price did indeed pass away today but Ray's wife has said that Price is in a coma but has not passed away. I'm sorry for all the confusion. I went by what his son posted on Facebook. The Boot and The Tennessean both ran stories about his passing, but now The Tennessean has pulled their story, probably after Ray's wife's Facebook post.

This is all horridly morbid and I'm sorry that so much confusion is going on now. I have a cardinal rule to never run a story about someone passing away until People.com runs a story since they are generally the first person to get accurate info from the family and/or spokesperson, that way this sort of thing doesn't happen. Live and learn.