Need a good smile and/or cry? Just check out Dierks Bentley’s #IHoldOn hashtag

I hold on

One of my very favoritist songs in the whole wide world right now is Dierks Bentley's I Hold On. It quite literally gives me chills every time I hear it. 

Well apparently I'm not the only one who has been touched by the song's message because right now Dierks is having fun with the #IHoldOn hashtag and the tweets that he's receiving are amazing. 

Here's the tweet that probably started it all, although I'm not 100% sure: 

Dierks (or one of his peeps) has put together a Storify page to help collect some of the tweets showing the touching things people hold onto. 

I'm telling you, be prepared to have your feelings touched. 

Dierks' father passed away last year which makes this (spontaneous?) social media project all the more amazing. 

If you want to get involved, simply tweet what you hold onto to to @DierksBentley and be sure to use the #IHoldOn hashtag. 

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    Codie Prevost Music

    I’ve always been a big Dierks fan. His song I Hold On is one of his best. I’d love to tour with him one day.

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