‘Nashville’ star falls for one of his costars

Charles-esten and dogPhoto: Twitter

Okay, this story isn't nearly as juicy as the headline would have you believe. 

But then again, are they ever?

Anyhoo, 'Nashville' star, Charles Esten has fallen for and adopted one of his cutest costars on the hit show … his dog. 

According to People.com, Esten has adopted Blue, the sweet yellow lab who Hayden Panettiere's character on the show, Juliette, gave to Esten's character, Deacon, last season. 

On the show, Deacon ends up giving the dog to another character, but in real life Charles wasn't ready to say good-bye so he adopted the pup earlier this year. 

"'Member Deacon's puppy named Sue? Well now he's my dog … Blue! #firstpetever #memberofthefamilynow," Esten Tweeted back in October. 

You never really think about what happens to the animals that appear on T.V. and in movies. Happy to see this puppy prop got a new home out of the spotlight.