‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 9 – RECAP


Juliette is annoyed at Charlie Wentworth for saying that he loved her, and she doesn’t believe him, hurt by previous lovers and aware of the Wentworth’s game. He is adamant that he is telling the truth, and to prove it he publicly announces his divorce from Olivia. Charlie convinces Juliette that he is serious and she begins to let him in, but just like Dante did in season 1, he makes Juliette feel more powerful than she is, and ruffles plenty of feathers, including Glen’s. Will says that maybe one day he’ll find someone that’ll make him the best version of himself, and Juliette considers that and decides to end it with Charlie, heading back to Nashville and reaching out to Avery. 

Maddie wants to take guitar lessons from Deacon, but Teddy isn’t at all happy about it. Maddie goes forth with them anyway, and cue cute bonding scenes. She has a performance slot at The Two Hippies for a kids event as part of the Music City Festival, and decides to not only invite Deacon along but ask him up on stage to perform his song with her. Teddy is furious and confronts Deacon outside, trying to accuse him of taking over, the two get very aggressive, Maddie sees and is very upset. She later tells Rayna she doesn’t want to see either of them anymore, and Rayna takes this opportunity to tell Deacon and Teddy to get their act together. This incident also causes Teddy to have to explain to Peggy that Maddie is Deacon’s biological daughter, and Deacon considers whether he’s ready to be a full-on father. Teddy removes Deacon from the Music City festival.

Scarlett is still feeling lonely on tour, and Avery suggests he brings Zoey and they spend the day with Scarlett while she’s on tour. This forces Zoey and Gunnar to confront their relationship and the fact that they need to tell Scarlett, but them and Avery being newly close makes Scarlett feel even more lonely. Zoey continues to chicken out of telling her best friend about the new relationship, but unfortunately Scarlett catches them kissing and is extremely upset.

Layla is taking liberties on tour, giving herself encores and annoying Juliette. Will is getting drunk (possibly out of depression), and Layla tries to get him to slow down for a radio interview in the morning, but he refuses and she leaves, before he crowdsurfs the ground. The interview gets cancelled, and Layla is really upset, as she really thinks it’s a proper relationship. Will is persuaded by his ex-lover to go apologise to Layla, who is struggling because Juliette switched her and Will’s sets to give Layla less stage time. Will decides to invite Layla on stage for a duet to make it up to her, but Juliette jumps on instead and performs, upsetting the teen further. Layla decides to tip off TMZ about Juliette and Charlie’s relationship, throwing everything into disarray.

Lamar is still in prison and Rayna goes to visit, horrified by his condition. He hasn’t been able to get hold of Tandy, who he wants as a character witness to help him get house arrest, and she can’t because otherwise she’ll be exposed as the person who gave in the information. Rayna stands up and gives an impromptu defence but it is not enough and Lamar gets sent back to jail.

‘Nashville’ episode 10 (the mid-season finale) airs tonight at 10/9c on ABC. Come back after the break for more recaps from me!

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