Miranda Lambert wants Blake Shelton to go Biblical on Nashville bar owner

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Blake Shelton/Wayne Mills

Well it's happened. The National Enquirer has finally moved away from the stories of trouble in Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's marriage, at least temporarily. 

Now they've moved on to a new story about Blake being ready to murder and/or testify in court against the man who killed his friend, whichever comes first. 

According to the new report, after the death of his friend, singer Wayne Mills, Blake is now ready to do whatever it takes to see Nashville bar owner, Chris Ferrell, behind bars after he admitted to Shooting Mills in the back of the head after a fight about smoking in a non-smoking section of his bar. 

 “At first, Blake was in shock … But now that he’s had some time to process the news, his hurt and heartbreak is turning to seething anger,” the story says.

Despite Miranda's suggestion of the biblical eye-for-an-eye revenge for this tragedy, Blake has instead decided to put the full weight of his celebrity behind seeking justice. 

“He’s willing to testify or serve as a character witness for Wayne,” the source explains. “Whatever it takes to help cops bring a homicide charge.”

Despite the source (The National Enquirer), I can see this story being true. I mean who wouldn't want to do everything possible to seek justice for a gunned-down friend? 

Speaking of Mills, there is now going to be a benefit concert held in Nashville to honor the singer. 

According to Keepin' It Country, More than 40 artists are set to take part in The Wayne Mills Benefit Concert which will be held tonight, Wednesday, December 4th, at the Tin Roof with all proceeds going to Mills’ wife, Carol, and 6-year-old son Jack. The concert will also be streamed live here. You can also donate to help out by visiting the same site, waynemills.onssl.tv