Mindy Smith gets “Snowed In” with latest Holiday EP


       I’ve been a fan of Mindy Smith since I first heard her cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”. I Loved her take on it! So I naturally looked up her music. I became a fast fan after hearing her song “Come To Jesus”, which is off of her 2004 album “One Moment More”.

       Mindy Smith’s latest is the five-song Holiday EP, “Snowed In”. It contains three traditional songs, plus two self-penned originals. The production is laid-back and stripped back, allowing the songs themselves and Mindy’s voice to shine. Mindy is once again joined by producer Steve Buckingham, who produced her first three albums.

       The EP starts off with the first of the two original songs on the album, “Tomorrow Is Christmas Day.” This song features a chorus that makes you want to sing along with Mindy as she sings in her upper register. This is a beautiful song about the anticipation of Christmas day and Santa Claus coming soon, with the chorus that exclaims:

             " Tomorrow is Christmas Day/Santa Claus is on his way/ Bringing toys on his sleigh/ For every boy and girl/ Everywhere around the world/ Tonight."

The other original song on the album is the title track, “Snowed In”. This song is a romantic wish for Christmas:

                "All I can think to put on my list this Christmas/ Is you and I snowed in, just us/ Playing our records, spinning our favorite songs/ warm by the fire, how could we go wrong? "

Mindy’s voice has a clean simplicity about it, it’s beautiful and warm.

        Mindy’s voice really stands out on the Christmas standards, “Silent Night" and "What Child is This”. There’s a haunting effect on “What Child is This”. The arrangement is highlighted by a Viola solo, B-3 organ, mandolin, and guitar. There’s a deep melancholy quality to Mindy’s voice that makes the track haunting. Mindy’s tone is so clear and rich. The arrangements are stripped down on “Silent Night" to highlight Mindy’s distinctive vocals. I personally like Mindy’s take on "Silent Night", it’s different and fresh.  


          This may be a brief collection, but it certainly makes it up in talent and quality. For me, the stand-outs on this EP are: “Tomorrow Is Christmas Day”, “Silent Night”, and “What Child is This”. This Holiday EP is a MUST for the Holiday season! So go out and get yourself a copy, then curl up by a warm fire and enjoy!

Track Listing For “Snowed In”:

1- Tomorrow is Christmas Day

2- What Child is This

3- Snowed In

4- Silent Night

5- Auld Lang Syne

Written by Liz Austin.  Twitter: https://twitter.com/LincolnCreek_MA

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